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Meet the world's most advanced
Far-UV disinfection device: The Lumenizer 300™

Sanitech Pros

… an authorized dealer of the filtered and fully-licensed Lumenizer 300™, provides eye and skin safe air and surface disinfection in occupied spaces. Lumenlab’s Filtered Far-UV is able to disinfect air and surfaces with line-of-site coverage. The Lumenizer 300’s™ 3 bulb system is like no other. The three bulbs are adjustable to 45 degrees making the fixture customizable for just about any type of room it’s placed in.

Introducing the Lumenizer™

Meet the Worlds Most Advanced Far-UV Disinfection Device

The revolutionary Lumenizer™ is an effective, safe, efficient solution that continuously and safely disinfects occupied spaces. The Lumenizer™ is customizable and allows for Adjustable angle for varying ceiling heights and desired intensity. Each Lumenizer™ fixture can disinfect a 4m x4m room.

The Lumenizer 300™ is Available in Two Color Options:



Dimensions: 13.5 in x 12im x 4.5 in

Mounting: Ceiling or Wall Mount

Bulb Type: 3 Lumenlabs Lpack-1A Excimer Bulb

Weight: 4.6lbs (2.1kgs)

Input Voltage: Universal 100-240VAC

Input Power: Typical 60W

Input Frequency: 50-60 HZ

THD ( Total Harmonic Distortion ): 20% Maximum

Fixture: > 10,000 hours

Bulb: 1,000 hours 

Peak Wave Length: 222nm

Typical Startup Time: 1 second

Adjustable Bulbs: 0-45 degrees

Mount Height: 8.2 ft to 16.4 ft ( 2.5m to 5m)

Recommended Coverage Area: 13ft x 13ft (4m x 4m)

Far-UV kills pathogens in seconds vs. minutes

More efficient- requires lower dose rates

Safe for use around humans (does not damage eyes or skin)

Cleared by FDA for non-medical applications

Kills odors from bacteria and mold

Physically destroys viruses versus only causing mutations

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The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) was established to serve the following aims and objectives:

  1. To provide a forum for the discussion of all scientific and technological issues that relate to the use of ultraviolet light;
  2. To provide a common voice for the interests of companies using ultraviolet technologies and manufacturing ultraviolet lamps or equipment;
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  5. To encourage the establishment of rational terms, units and nomenclature in the fields of ultraviolet technology;
  6. To encourage research into the advancement of the applications of ultraviolet technologies;
  7. To encourage the adoption of rational environmental regulations that would encourage the use of ultraviolet technologies.

Safe Exposure

When used as directed the Lumenizer™ 300 is in 100% compliance with US Health standards. The Far-UV irradiance and Ozone levels are within all guidelines (Threshold Limit Value) of the ACGIH, the US body that sets guidelines for occupational and environmental health. The Lumenizer 300™ received “Exempt” status, the highest safety level, on International Electrotechnical Commission’s photo-biological safety test report (IEC 62471). 

As reported August, 2020 in Edison Reports, a research group led by Dr. Ryosuke Kuroda, Chairman and Professor of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, completed a research study that shows that irradiation of filtered 222nm Far-UV light on human skin reduces bacterial counts while causing no injury to the skin.

Is Far-UV safe for direct illumination in human or pet occupied spaces?

The short answer is yes, provided the Far-UV lamps are filtered so that only 222 nm ultraviolet light is emitted.   Sanitech Pros is committed to providing safe solutions. We test every product we sell prior to installation and after installation to ensure the system functions properly and that the filter blocks any potentially harmful UV wavelengths.  Filtered 222 nm UV light, when properly manufactured, installed and controlled within approved dosage limits, will destroy 99.9% of all pathogens in occupied spaces in less than 10 minutes.  These pathogens include viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi of all types that cause potentially lethal infectious diseases to include all known strains of Covid.

Safe For People

Safe For Pets

Lethal For Pathogens

Our Collaborators

Supported by leading industry experts from Columbia University and Fudan University, the Lumenlabs team had advanced the development of national industry standards of UVC safety and efficacy. We’re proud to have Columbia University’s Dr. David Brenner as a Lumenlabs collaborator. Known as father of Far-UV at the Columbia University Center for Radiological Research, Dr. Brenner has dedicated much of his work in recent years to research on Far-UV safety and efficacy.

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